10 Things to be Noted When Visiting Komodo Island


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Who does not want to see the dragons, live on its habitat at Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara? This ancient beast has charmed everyone, make Komodo Island one of the most visiting tourist attraction in Indonesia. Before you visiting these island, better to take these 10 notes as precaution.


1. Book the ship or boat earlier

Yep, the most important thing. You need to use ship or boat from Flores to across to Komodo Island. You don’t want to run out of the boat once arriving in Flores, do you? Especially on holiday season where the tourist arrival are crowded and packed.

2. You must on your fit condition

On Komodo Island, you can choose many level of trekking ranging from a short distance, moderate, or far. These 400-kiliometers-square island required the visitor on their prime condition to be able to take the adventure.


3. Hat and sunscreen

The sun on the Komodo Island is very hot. Use unblock, a hat, and sunglasses to block the heat of the sun there. Believe me, it’s going to really useful.


4. Caution for women during their period

Komodo dragon has a very good senses on smell. They can smell blood to a 7 kilometers radius. Therefore, women on their period should very cautious and advised to not visiting Komodo Island. But if you already got your period, report to the ranger to be given tighter supervision.


5. Do not use sharp-smell perfume

Refer to point no. 4, Komodo dragon has a good senses on smell. A very sharp perfume would definitely say “come here Komodo”.


6. Stick together team!

The enchanting savannah of Komodo Island can make you miss your team or even the ranger. Follow the guide from the ranger, do not left behind your group. Komodo dragon usually attacking the alone prey.

7. No fires allowed

Komodo Island was barren and arid areas. A small spark could potentially cause a fire over the whole or part of the island. Smoker, please hold your smoke on Komodo Island.


8. Avoid the mating season

During the mating season, Komodo dragon would go as far as to the deeper forest areas. They avoid other creatures, and there will be lots of duel among the male Komodo. Therefore visitor cannot see the Komodo. Mating season usually fall in August.


9. Run for your life!

If any chances visitors chased by the komodo, run in zigzag pattern. Do not climb the tree since the young komodo will easily climb and catch you. Run toward a Rumah Panggung, since it is designed so Komodo would not easily climb its stairs.


10. Keep calm and keep your eyes open

Always near the ranger when you encounter the komodo, since the ranger has a special wand to banish or hold the komodo. Remain your calm even when there are hundreds of komodo there. Always be wary around you. Usually, many people confused the trunk which looks like the komodo. Whatever happens, do not panic. (original article here)

Well, this Komo(do) wouldn't hurt you =) 

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