Bali’s Culinary : 6 Balinese Food You Must Try During Your Visit

Visiting Bali on holiday would never be a complete experience if you do not try its typical foods. Especially for those culinary lovers. Here are 6 Balinese food you must try during your visit.


1. Lawar

Balinese traditional food, available widely in many restaurants at Bali. Lawar is kind of vegetables mix with mince, spices and coconut, the taste is then added by natural flavorings. There are many kind of lawar, based on the ingredients. One of it is lawar putih, with dominant coconut as the ingredients. Usually Bali people also use jackfruit or pork meat on lawar. Lawar is also a main dish for ritual or family ceremony.

Lawar usually add pork meat but many people in Bali also like to use duck meat for the ingredients. Minced duck meat would be added to the vegetables and coconut then add another Bali sauce.


2. Nasi Campur Ayam Bali

Sate lilit, shredded chicken with Balinese Basa Genep spices, urap, and chicken lawar, are the delicious combination to be eaten with warm rice. Want some extra challenge? Try nasi campur ayam with Balinese sambal matah and sambal embe.

These is one of “non-monotonous” menu since every restaurant in Bali has their own variation. Some restaurant serves nasi campur with ayam betutu, while the other serves with telur sambal tomat (egg covered with tomato sauce), or kulit ayam goreng (fried chicken skin), or daun umbi pedas (hot cassava leaf), ikan pindang, and sprinkle of fried peanut.


3. Nasi Jinggo

Want to eat but your cash is running low? Do not worry, you still can taste Nasi Jinggo. The unique package of Nasi Jinggo Bali are made from banana leaf. Becareful when eating Nasi Jinggo since the sauce is so hot. The rice served in the size of adult fist and the side dishes usually consist of shredded chicken, fried noodle, and fried soya bean cake. Since the portion size is not much, you need more than one Nasi Jinggo to full your stomach. The price is about IDR 3,000 to IDR 5,000.


4. Babi Guling

Babi guling or ‘be guling’ cooked by taking off the pig gut and putting the spices and vegetables such as cassava leaf, then roasted in the coconut charcoal till cook. Initially babi guling was served for traditional and religious ritual in Bali. But now, it is served as the dishes. Babi Guling usually served with warm rice, lawar, lilit satay and jukut ares.


5. Ayam Betutu

Made from the chicken cooked with special recipes. The spices are galanga, ginger, onion, garlic, bay leaves, chilli and turmeric. Mix all the spice and put into the chicken. Ayam betutu usually served during the Balinese traditional ritual such as marriage ceremony. For hot-food lover, ayam betutu is a must for your experience. Though most ayam betutu made from chicken, there are some restaurant or food vendor use duck instead.


6. Sate Lilit

Though usually served as side dishes, you can order lilit satay solely. The different between lilit satay and other satay is that lilit satay twist the minced to the skewer. The minced meat then mix with Balinese spices. Then, the “meat dough” twisted to the bamboo or lemongrass stick. The lemongrass stick will add flavor to the satay. Lilit satay usually made from chicken, pork or mackerel.

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