Enjoying the Rafting Adventure in Ayung River Bali

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Ayung River is a quite safe rafting spot. They provided the trained instructors who will guide you, give you the introductions about tools for the rafting, how to sit on a boat, how to save yourselves in case of an accident, and others related to safety procedures and also to make the participants feel comfortable enough while rafting. 

The rubber boat they provided is for four participants and 1 instructor. You will feel the sensation of wading the swift current of 12-kilometres Ayung River length for about 2 hours. You also can take pictures on a stone carving background along the banks of the river. Those carvings was made by the Balinese and become the characteristic of Ayung River. It also reflects the high artistic creativity of the Balinese.

Sungai Ayung 

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The rafting activity also safe for the children who want to participate because Ayung River has the level of rafting 2-3, which means it can be used for beginners and families of participants. The current is not too fast nor the rapid not too nosedive. But still, parents should also keep an eye on to their children. After the completion of the rafting, participants will stop at the stopping point. Here the participants could rest and they also provided a dressing room, bathroom, and free towels. Then you can take a lunch from the provided buffet menu. (fjr)

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