Jakarta Guide: 6 Public Transportation From SHIA Under IDR 100,000

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (SHIA) Jakarta is one of the gate to explore Indonesia. From here you can choose many means of transportation from airport to your designated place. Here are 6 public transportation from SHIA which come in affordable fare, under IDR 100,000 (about less than USD 7.00). Before you take any public transportation in Indonesia, please make a sure you had exchange your currency into IDR. It is easier to do any cash transaction if you have IDR on your possession. 


1. Airport Bus

Beside DAMRI as transportation provider, there are also Agra Mas, Hiba Utama, Primajasa, Sinar Jaya, Megah Langgeng, and so on and so forth, with a limited routes For DAMRI, you can see our article here, here, here, and here.

The following are some routes provided by the provider:

  • Agra Mas from SHIA to PGC Cililitan : IDR 35,000 per person
  • Hiba Utama from SHIA to Depok : IDR 50,000 per person
  • Sinar Jaya from SHIA to Cileungsi : IDR 50,000 per person


2. Taxi

At least there are 12 taxi provider at the airport. Namely White Horse, Tiara Express, Taxiku, Silver Bird, Primajasa, Garnya, Gading Express, Diamond, Borobudur, Borobudur Premium and Blue Bird. The starting fare is about IDR 7,500 to IDR 15,000.


3. Through Application

Nowadays, there are many application that offer you a nice transportation such as Uber and Grab. At Uber, you can have less fare ifor two or four person at one car. It will take a longer time since the driver need to pick other passenger first before going to airport.


4. Shuttle Travel

From Bandung there are shuttle travel which can take you to SHIA. There are 3 provider which are Cipaganti, CitiTrans and X-Trans. Those who are in Bintaro area, X-Trans give a special services that come in IDR 50,000 fare.


5. Shuttle Bus

Airport management provide shuttle bus at every terminal. Please contact (+62) 21 550026 for further information and booking.


6. Car Rent

Well, the fare would be more than IDR 50,000. These are providers for rent car by the airport: Garuda Biru, Golden Bird, Laks Prima Transport, Liga Utama Indonesia and Trac (Serasi Auto Raya).

  • Trac (+62) 21 5710068
  • Liga Utama Indonesia (+62) 21 5927881
  • Laks Prima Transport (+62) 21 8407545
  • Golden Bird (+62) 21 5500266


Whichever your choice, adjust it with your need ie. Distance, budget, conformity, and so on and so forth. (source: halomoney)

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