Nusa Dua Light Festival – Pulau Peninsula Bali, 17 Juni – 30 Juli 2017

Nusa Dua Light Festival 2017

Tempat: Pulau Peninsula, Nusa Dua Bali
Tanggal: 17 Juni-30 Juli 2017

This is the first and biggest lantern festival in Bali that will be held in Peninsula Island Nusa Dua Bali. Nusa Dua Light Festival will be held on June 17-July 30, open from 05:00-10:00 pm. Various shapes of lanterns will be displayed with a performance of music and there is also food and beverages stands. You can enjoy the different atmosphere in every shapes of lanterns.

Info dan kontak:

  • Telp 1: 081337761197 (Tinong)
  • Telp 2: 082145348453 (Devi)
  • Telp 3: 081237934993 (Agus)
  • Twitter & Instagram: @thenusadua

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