Pengempu Falls, Another Exotic Waterfall from Bali

Pengempu Falls located in Cau Belayu, Marga, Tabanan, Bali. Recently this place is spotted as the new tourist attraction and charmed many people to come, especially for Balinese youth from outside Tabanan. This 20-metres waterfall become popular through social media. "It's my first time here. I know about Pengempu Falls from instagram," said Simon, one of the visitors from Panjer, South Denpasar. He is a student of Architecture Department, UNUD, who frequently visiting various waterfalls in Bali. Especially in Buleleng, which is famous to have numerous waterfalls.Pengempu Waterfall

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He added, "Pengempu Waterfalls could become the nearest waterfall from Denpasar, beside Tegenungan Waterfalls in Gianyar. The atmosphere at Niagara are very natural as well as access stairs to the waterfall is already paved, so it is safe for visitors."


To visit Pengempu Waterfalls, from Denpasar head directly to Sangeh. Not far from passing the Sangeh, there is a T-junction, then turn left over the bridge until you see a crossroads. From the intersection turn right to Cau Belayu, then follow the signs directing you to the parking area of this new tourist attraction. It is about 40 minutes from Denpasar to this location.


Pengempu water discharge is not that heavy. The flow comes from local village springs (beji). The environment of shade trees, added by the sound of Tukad Yeh Penet (Yeh Penet River) underneath the waterfalls, as it is a continuation of Pengempu waterfalls, make the condition are comfortable for the visitors. The visitors also can enjoy the atmosphere on the banks of the river.


One of the administrators, Putu Sudianta stated, "This tukad (river) is also suitable for rafting as well as if visitors want to take a bath." According to Sudianta, “Pengempu” name come from the way older people in the past measure the depth of water. They threw stone down to the river while listening to its voice. "The sound of noise from the stones indicates the depth. The sound sounded ‘mpung ... empu’ ... So it’s called pengempu." 

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A Historic Cave

In the parking area there is a 30-metres-depth cave which has just accessible to the visitors a month ago. The cave is so dark and damp, but clean enough, so that visitors can comfortably explore the cave. It is important for visitors to bring a flashlight during the caving. "It is a historic cave, existed since the ancient time. We are collecting the information about the cave so it will be informative enough for the visitors," said Sudianta.

Pengempu Waterfull often times  crowded every weekend, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM local time (WITA). This attraction is still in the stage of completion, especially for the parking area and toilet. Around the parking area there are some food vendor and stall for visitors who want to take some snack or meal. (Bram Setiawan/fjr)

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