The Enchanting Jungut Batu Beach Bali

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Jungut Batu is famous for the beauty of its village, the air is still fresh, no pollution because only few vehicles in vicinity. Your eyes will be spoil by the view of white sandy beach while on the seashore, the traditional fishermen boat is waiting to be sailed. The sea is clear, calm and blue wave are hitting the seashore back and forth. The reflection of blue sky can be clearly seen during the sunny day. The various, colorful fishes swimming between the coral reefs, what a beautiful marine park.


Jungut Batu Beach Bali, The Unique Combination of Beauty

When the sky gets dark and cloudy and there is a gap that breached the sunlight, you can see the phenomenon of "hole in the sky". Your eyes will be amazed by these natural sight. The beautiful beach has several surf points and the famous spot is the Shipwreck point. It got that name because it has a shipwreck around the point break. The waves are pretty big and full power. Another spot you can enjoy for surfing is Coconut Point.


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In the morning, the sea water recedes. You can see the seaweed fields around the beach. Seaweed farmers usually planting the seaweed in the clear, morning day. Right to the north, the high-towering majestic Mount Agung shows her valor appearance. Jungut Batu village in Nusa Penida area has been appointed as a tourism area. It is also serves as algae cultivation facility for red algae Kappaphycus alvarezii and Eucheuma denticulatum. This also a successful example of free-natural harvesting of mariculture. Your time here will be completed during the sunset, as the view will give you a marvelous experience of natural seeing in Bali.


Cruise menawarkan kemewahan dan paket wisata yang lengkap sesuai dengan harganya, fast boat mampu mencapai Nusa Lembongan melalui pantai Sanur (tepatnya berangkat dari bibir panai Matahari Terbit)  penyebrangan ditempuh dalam waktu 30 menit, dan public boat dengan harga yang miring mampu memuat banyak barang bawaan dan waktu tempuh Sanur – Nusa Lembongan sekitar kurang lebih 2 jam.


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How to get there

Located in Jungut Batu village, visitors need to cross by boat. There are several options of water transport visitors can choose.

  • Cruise Ships for about IDR 600,000 to IDR 700,000 offers the luxurious travel package for the visitors.
  • Fast Boat for about IDR 50,000 to IDR 100,000 is capable to reach Nusa Lembongan through Sanur in 30 minutes.
  • Public Boat for about IDR 25,000 is able to carry a lot of luggage but it needs about 2 hours to reach Nusa Lembongan.


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Jungut Batu is one of the largest fishing villages in Nusa Lembongan. The visitors can enjoy the beach and see the fishermen activities on the spot. The beach also has seaweed field and mangrove garden, adding more beauty on its natural scenery. Surfer can also taste the waves here in its surfing spot.

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