Yin and Yang on Barong Dance

Good and evil, saint and sinner, an immortal war between two powers around the human life. These are the premise of the famous Barong Dance.


Barong is a mythological creature personify the good while Rangda personify the evil. Barong performed by 2 dancers in one costume, described as a lion or tiger-like animal though there are other kind of Barong such as Barong Ket, Barong Babi and Barong Landung. The other side, Rangda personify the evil. The creature described like a horrible, awful woman and has two big fangs. There are also type of Rangda, which are Rangda Nyinga, Rangda Nyeleme and Rangda Raksasa.


Eternal War of Good and Evil, Which Ever Wins,…

Barong dance shows the battle between good and evil, between Barong and Rangda. However not like cliché story of good and evil, there is none come out as a winner on this battle. Like reflected on life, good and evil are always there, positive and negative aura are always around the life in the universe. Although we, as human, basically want everything goes smoothly and well.


Barong is a sacred for Balinese people. The performance always initiate by gamelan performance such as Gamelan Gong Kebyar, Gamelan Babarongan and Gamelan Batel.


Barong Dance Kind of Type

In Bali, each area has its own spirit which protect the woods, forest or lands. They are:

  • Barong Ket: barong singa (lion), personify the good spirit.
  • Barong Landung: giant barong,influenced by the Chinese culture, shape is almost identical with Betawi’s Ondel-Ondel.
  • Barong Celeng: shaped like a boar.
  • Barong Macan: shape like a tiger.
  • Barong Naga: shape like a snake or dragon.
  • Barongan Pilangrejo: shape like a lion, originate from Juwangi area, symbolizes the beast. (original article here)


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